Do you remember how you watched The Power of Zero embedded on our website?  Well, now your clients can watch it embedded on your website. 


We create a custom embed code and password for you.  You simply place the embed code on a page of your website where you want it to play and give the password to your visitors. It’s that simple.  They don’t have to leave your page to watch the film.


(We also supply you with a link/password for those who dont want to embed it on their site, or want to send it out in email, newsletter, or special invitation).


Please allow our team 48-hours to set up and email to you the embed code, link, and password.  

Embed the Film on Your Website 165 views $3.00/ea

    • What if you don’t want to embed it on your website because that’s just way too technical, but you still want a link/password to email off to clients and prospective clients?  That comes with this option as well.  You’ll get BOTH a link and the embed code along with the password.
    • You may want to create a password-protected area on your website and capture your visitor's contact information prior to granting them access to the area where they can watch the movie. Your web person can set that up in a jiffy…super simple stuff. 
    • Each time someone watches the film, it counts as a view, but what is "a view."  We are using Vimeo.  Vimeo (just like YouTube) has technology that prevents people from 'padding up their views' on the video when the same person clicks it multiple times.  We receive lots of calls from agents asking, "What if my client clicks it lots of times because he or she doesn't finish watching it in the same view.  Will I be charged multiple view counts on the same client?"   We did an experiment on March 26, 2020, with a multi-millionaire potential client.  We gave him film access but he was the only person who had the Vimeo link/password.  The view count was at 0 when he started.  So he was the first and only person who had access to the film.  He runs the largest health products website in the world (with over 400 employees) and is slammed right now, so he had to watch the movie in sections.  He started to watch it at 6:30 am and watched about 20 minutes and then stopped.  He came back hours later and watched another 20 minutes, and he repeated this throughout the day until he finished it around 4:30 pm.  The view count came in as a total of 1 (not multiple).   So Vimeo's technology to prevent multiple view counts when the same user is clicking it appears quite effective.  The way this works is that you pre-purchase views with your order  (either 500, 300 or 165 depending on which pricing/volume option you choose), and we plan to allow you to replenish your order as needed when your views are running out.