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As the US debt spirals out of control, it threatens to disrupt traditional retirement alternatives with an impending freight train of onerous taxes.

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Is the Debt Linked to Higher Taxes in our Future?

The Power of Zero: The Tax Train Is Coming is a major Hollywood documentary film with an all-star cast (George Schultz, Ph.D., David Walker, CPA, Ed Slott, CPA, Tom Hegna, Van Mueller, David McKnight, et al) that takes an in-depth look at how the U.S. National Debt is setting the stage for massive tax increases within the next 10 years and how they’ll impact a retiring generation of Baby Boomers.  

This is the first movie ever to explore our nation’s looming debt crisis and the proactive measures Baby Boomers can take to protect their retirement plans from the crush of higher taxes. This PG-rated film played in theaters nationwide in the Fall 2018.  

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What Every Financial Advisor Must Know about This Film


There has never been a film rated by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) that showed the audience:  

  • Why taxes will be increasing

  • Why tax-deferred accounts like 401k’s and IRAs are a huge liability in a rising tax environment, and

  • Why Baby Boomers should consider transferring money into tax-free alternatives like Roth IRAs and life insurance while taxes are still historically low!


For financial advisors who promote the tax-free paradigm, this movie sets the table for a discussion about powerful solutions such as Roth IRAs, Roth Conversions and life insurance.

How Can Financial Advisors Participate?


There are three ways you can participate in this historical opportunity:


1.  Order online copies in bulk with a custom coupon code you create to give to your clients and prospects.

2.  Order quantities of the 2-disc DVD + Blu-Ray Combo Pack at a bulk rate to give to your clients and prospects.

3.  Obtain a one-time screening license for you to host a screening of the film in your local theater, the park, library, university, or even your office.  

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